About Us

Women Owned Business

Salmon River Helicopters is a small unique women owned and family operated business.  Salmon River Helicopters’ base of operations is located in Riggins, Idaho; a community of less than 450 residents. We are located in a rural area and we hire employees residing in rural areas. Co-founder Cindy Carlson, holds majority ownership of Salmon River Helicopters. Salmon River Helicopters’ key personnel are: Cindy Carlson, President; Guy Carlson, Vice President; Gary Wiltrout, Chief Pilot; Christy Frisby; Dick Simkins; Cassie Carlson; Niki Schacher; and Cody Carlson.


Salmon River Helicopters has not had any aviation accidents in our 21+ years of business. Safety is very important to us and we are proud of our accident free safety record. Our company continues to be recognized by Helicopter Association International with their annual safety award.

Salmon River Helicopters’ management, pilots, mechanics, and support personnel are committed to safety, quality of work, and integrity.


Please call or email us for pricing, questions, and/or comments.
Email us: info@srhelicopters.com

Salmon River Helicopters
P.O. Box 1293
1497 Big Salmon Rd.
Riggins, ID 83549
208-628-3038 Fax