ServicesWe have many services available. If you think it up and it’s legal, we’ll do it.

UH-1 “Huey” Services

Backcountry Freight Delivery
Powerline Construction
Cell Tower Construction
– Cement Transport
– Ski Lift Construction
– Seismic Drilling/Support
– Salvage Recovery
– Aircraft Recovery
– Logging
Firefighting – water bucket drops
Fire Rehabilitation/Stabilization/Baer Aerial Mulching
Exploration Drill Support


R44 Raven II Services

– Sightseeing
– On Demand Passenger Transport
– Air Charter
– Aerial Photography
– Aerial Surveys
– Game Counting
– Cherry Drying
– Corn Pollination
– Pipeline Patrol & Inspection
– Powerline Patrol & Inspection
Flight Instruction
Long Line/Vertical Reference Training
– Small Cargo Transport
– Predator Control
– Animal Survey and Capture