Helicopter Transport

SRH is working to better serve our customers by building helicopter trailers to haul the aircraft instead of ferrying to job sites in other states. By hauling the aircraft we can save our customers a substantial amount of money.

The UH-1 Trailer has a detachable gooseneck with three axles. The “Huey”, or UH-1, can be loaded in one hour. It can be unloaded in less than fifteen minutes. To load or unload the huey we require a flat and level surface. This trailer and tow vehicle are equipped with air-ride suspension to protect the aircraft from unnecessary damage during transport.

Our trailers are designed to transport helicopters without removing any major components.

**At this time, SRH only hauls our own aircraft as we are not licensed to haul for hire.

07 freightliner

Our Freightliner truck can haul enough fuel for a full day of flying and the helicopter.